Why SEO Serious

SEO and Analytics

WSS is an internet marketing agency that combines both SEO and analytics services. WSS works with modern frameworks (vue, next, etc.), which increase the growth of website traffic and analyze behavioral factors. We can set up daily monitoring of vital metrics as well.


Our expertise

SEO SPA (Next, Vue, Angular) Blockchain
Power Bi Fintech
SQL WordPress
Python Data Science
Media Promotion


How to start SEO?

Contact us, and we will develop a promotion strategy based on competitor and niche analysis. This process can take about a week.

Why do you need SEO?

A well-developed website promotion strategy guarantees an improvement in its visibility in SERP for targeted queries. It will provide an increase in targeted traffic and number of registrations.

How is the SEO strategy implemented?

After the project is ready, we will check the current site position and begin the technical specification drafts to make changes to the site. This process is also called internal optimization. Together with our team, you will participate in the website’s promotion process. We always promptly respond to your requests, performing necessary improvements.

When will the result be visible?

After we make changes to the site, you will need to wait for 1 or 2 updates to the Google search base to get the first results. It usually takes about two weeks. You will be able to see the first sustainable results in 120 days.

How long will the promotion take?

Each month we generate new technical specifications and ideas for implementation. As necessary, we expand the semantic kernel to achieve better results in SERP.

How do we report on the work done?

Each week, we report on key product metrics, such as weighted average and primary conversions. We develop a Power BI report and configure all the critical events on the website to evaluate traffic effectively, so we would work only with those requests and pages that will bring customers.

Our Services

Media and Blog Promotion
Financial Services Promotion
Promotion for Ecommerce
SEO Service Promotion

Our Portfolio

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A multilingual encyclopedia project on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Find 6000+ articles concerning bitcoin, ethereum, exchange, mining, safety, storage, and ICO. All articles are created collaboratively by anonymous crypto enthusiasts and everyone can become a cryptowiki author.

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